Here are link for some articles or youtube wrtten by Devender Sharma

ये GDP क्या बला है ? ?Devinder Sharma

·    Devinder Sharma “Silent Tsunami of Hunger” in Global Food Crisis. Democracy Now 10/14/09

·        Perils of GM food-Devinder Sharma.PART-1

·        Perils of GM food-Devinder Sharma.PART-2

·        Land Acquisition Bill 2015, Global Punjab Debate – Devinder Sharma

·        Issue of Farmer & agriculture with Devinder Sharma

·        Truth vs hype bitter harvest-Devinder Sharma

·        Genetically Modified Crops In India By Devinder Sharma and Aditi Kapoor

·        India Shines!!!!!!!!!!? By Devinder Sharma

  •                    Farmers suicide statistics is a reflection of the terrible agrarian crisis that  prevails in India- July 22; 2015 is.html

  • Why are Karnataka farmers being driven to suicides? Just look at their income levels from farming.- July 21; 2015

  • Total Recall: How the match is fixed against Indian farmers -18 June 2015

  • How farmers continue to subsidies consumers and the industry- 19May 2015

  • While US forced to import organic foods on consumer preference, India is pushing for GM crops – 9 May 2015

  • Private Sector alone cannot be expected to create jobs. -4 May 2015

  • How farmers have been deliberately kept impoverished. They carry the burden of providing cheaper food to you and me. -24 April 2015

  • Farmers are being pushed deeper and deeper into a death trap. –17 Nov 2015

  • Seed companies should be made to pay for crop losses-30 October 2015  ABP News

  • On their watch: the state & scientists are to blame for Punjab’s farm crisis- 13 Oct 2015

  • ‘Farm Incomes Deliberately Kept Low’ -22 Sept 2015

  • Decision on land acquisition is in favour of farmers- 3 Sept 2015

  • Let the farmers cry, No one is willing to wipe their tears –15 May 2016 Devinder Sharma

  • India is on the boil, literally-16 April 2016 ABP News

  • Wheat imports: Getting back to ‘Ship-to-Mouth’ existence-23 March 2016 ABP News

  • Will Bharat reap? (It is the denial of a legitimate income that is killing farmers)-Mar 06, 2016

  • Another damp squib NEW CROP INSURANCE SCHEME -Devinder Sharma, Jan 29, 2016,

  • PM Modi bats for subsidies, and rightly so- 30 January 2016

  • No justification for lifting ban on khesari dal- 21 January 2016

  • Why does India need GM Mustard at all?- 21 Jan 2016

  • No one gives a damn for farmers. – 29 december 2015

  • 2015 was a bad year for Indian agriculture- 23 december 2015

  • The big GST question: Why should I foot your bill? 19 December 2015

  • After bottled water, we will now be purchasing clean bottled air!  17 December 2015 ABP News

  • Marathwada is faced with an agricultural emergency  13 MARCH 2016

  • Make seizure of farmers’ assets illegal Devinder Sharma, April 05, 2016

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